Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sorta/kinda Penn Station Artichoke Sub

Living in Atlanta, I am approximately 250 miles too far away from any Penn Station Sub shop to quench my occasional, yet burning thirst for a Penn Station Artichoke-mushroom sub. In its absence, I have decided to use my own intelligence that existed before this world to SUB-stitute my all-time favorite sammich (Get it? SUB-stitute?!?) with a version of my own concoction.

And like my own special brand of humor, not everyone will appreciate this sub. I realize that feelings run pretty deep and strong in this family about certain elements of this sub. You know who you are, mushroom (gasp!) and artichoke (the humanity!) haters. My best advice is to take a sip of Hater-ade, and try this sub out, substituting anything you hate with something you love (like onions, for example.) I realize this would probably change the cardinal essence of this sub, but I accept our diversity of taste buds.....

Let the Subbing BEGIN!

You'll need:

some type of sub roll
mayo (don't you dare put that miracle whip on there)
(Ok, if you must.......)
mushrooms, sliced up
artichoke hearts (I prefer these unmarinated)
mozzarella cheese
garlic, minced
balsamic vinegar, olive oil

Here's what I did:

1. Heat up the olive oil, toss in garlic, artichoke hearts, mushroom and let it slosh around a bit in the pan till tender.

2. Splash on some balsamic vinegar. We always put the vinegar on our food when we're at Penn Station, so if the vinegar did anything in its brief existence, its smell made me feel like the sub was going to taste like the real thing.

3. Spread some mayo on a sub roll you've already sliced open

4. Slop the arti-harsh/mush-death mixture on top of the open slices, spread the motz on top and let it brown a bit under your oven's (or toaster oven's) broil setting. (Open-faced)

5. Season to taste with salt or oregano or gold flakes or Parmesan cheese. If only I had that Parmesan, life would be different....I'd be living in New York with Hank already, I'd have wings that would pop out of my fingertips on command, it wouldn't be 90 degrees for 4 days straight already.........


Enjoy the sub, Hatchamealers! Even more importantly, let me know if anyone out there ever does try this sammich, and how it goes and any advice you might have if you've ever tasted the real thing.

M2D2, at your service.

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  1. great posts...you write like Marcy Goldman, only more like Marissa. I will try and eat it...maybe....