Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Egg Rolls ala Christina Belanger

Today Cara and I crossed the street and learned how to make Kristina's egg rolls.  Fun afternoon.

These are mind made 1 August 2016

2# ground beef
2 whole garlics (not just cloves), smashed by knife into pieces
1 head green cabbage. sliced thin
2 large onions, sliced in half, sliced then, then sliced in half again
6+ carrots, peeled and grated
Oyster Sauce (this was Panda brand, sold at our Giant Eagle)**be sure to sue Panda brand because it's thick.  If you use another brand and it's not thick then you will need to use more.
sesame oil
Egg roll wrappers (3 packages..NASOYA brand from Marc's)
2 egg, whipped
Canola oil

Cook the ground beef and when halfway done, add the garlic.

Combine the cabbage, onions, carrots in a large bowl and pour boiling water over the whole bowl, submerging the mixture and mixing it til it softens.  Kristina even put the bowl on the burner to continue the process.

Cool the meat and the cabbage mixture and add pepper.  Add pepper to the cabbage mixture.  NOW COMES THE HARD PART.  YOU MUST SQUEEZE OUT EVERY LAST DROP OF GREASE/WATER FROM THE MEAT AND THE CABBAGE.  I MEAN ALL THE MOISTURE.  NOT A DROP SHOULD BE LEFT.

Add approximately 10 plops of the oyster sauce.

Mix the meat with the cabbage and toss til mixed well and aerated and this rather dries out the mixture before rolling.

Add 2 large serving spoons of sesame oil using gloves to protect hands from the oil.  Taste at this point to see if it tastes ok.

now form this whole thing into a 'mountain' or mound.

To Roll:

Take out a wrapper, flour side up and on a diamond shape.  Add a spoonful of the mixture toward the bottom half, fold up the bottom point and as you tuck it under the mixture squeeze or press it back.  Fold in the sides and then with finger, smooth on the egg and roll to the top tip, being sure all is in rolled up.  If a hole appears, use a piece of another wrapper and cover it with egg and then smooth it on the hole, being sure to make it tights.

Heat Canola oil in a pan on the stove, Gently place a few eggs rolls in the pan and turn til golden.  Drain on a paper towel.

made nearly 60 egg rolls

If too many are rolled and you need to freeze them:  place them in the oil just til the wrappers seal, and are NOT brown  Remove them and drain, cool and then freeze.  When ready to use, take out of freezer, thaw and then finish boiling in oil.

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