Friday, December 18, 2009

Butterfly Cookies

The ladies at the cookie exchange last night told me that this is a French cookie, but that mine tasted much better than the European version. Maybe Dad can weigh on that one...

I got this recipe from Mom, who got it from Gwen Howell.


3 cups flour
1 pound margarine
1 cup cold water

Work 3 cups flour with 1/2 pound of margarine.
Add 1 cup of cold water.
Work together using a fork. It will be sticky.

Roll out dough on floured board to about 24 in. by 24 in.

Spread 1 stick of margarine onto dough.

Fold into thirds and jellyroll. Wrap in wax paper and refrigerate for about 1 hour.

Repeat rolling out and spread with last stick of margarine.
Fold into thirds and jellyroll. Refrigerate overnight.

Cut into three pieces. Roll out thinly on a very generously sugared board.
Fold into quarters and cut into 1/2" strips.
Bake on foil lined pans for 10 minutes on 400.

Turn over and bake for about 1 minute more.
Then cool on waxed paper.

A few tips:

When baking, only put 12 on a cookie sheet.

Keep it to 1/2 inch in width...any wider and it isn't as crispy and takes longer to cook.

Make sure to touch the edges of your cookie in sugar after you cut it and before you form it and place on the cookie sheet.

Watch carefully, and be sure not to burn the butter by overcooking it.

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