Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nutty Noodle Casserole...a Hatch Batch Classic!

So...yesterday, I had the hankering for Nutty Noodle Casserole and I couldn't recall the 2nd variety of soup that it called for. I used to make it regularly years ago. Called mom and she said "Chicken and Rice." I said, "Oh, I haven't made this in so long there is no way I have that on my shelves." But...I did! And boy am I pleased to know that I AM PREPARED!! hehe.

Here it is...just in case anyone else needs a reminder. It's super easy and yummy!

In a casserole dish, mix together:
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of chicken and rice soup
1 lb of browned ground beef
some chopped up celery
some chow mein noodles....sorry, you had to have grown up with this to know the amounts!

Put into the oven (probably 350 degrees) until bubbly, then add a few more noodles on top for crunchiness. Mom always served this with peas on the side. Enjoy!

Edited to say:  Thanks for the pix Granny. Mom always cooked this meal in this large red pot.  ooh...what a pot was that!  And it was always put on this mosaic tile trivet..which since my earliest memory...had a missing tile!

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  1. GASP! today is Oct 5, 2015...and just last week I tossed out the trivet Dawn is talking about, the one with the missing corner orange tile. I had made it while in bed with rheumatic fever as about a 2nd or 3rd grader. Of course now I wish I had not tossed it away.