Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Sandwiches


We love them long time.

The making of these sandwiches is not for the faint of heart. It is a very complex operation. I'd rate the difficulty level up there with...grilled cheese. Which is pretty much of what it's a glorified version. This is called sarcasm, folks. Hank and I tend to make it on Saturday afternoons, hence the name. We stole it from PioneerWomanCooks, shifted some elements around, gave it a new name and WHAM! :

Suddenly, it's ours. Here's what you need:

Bread (I suggest wheat so your brain doesn't rot, but other criminally insane types like it with rye. I can't understand why, but they like it with rye. I think I would die.)

2 types of cheese, one white, one orange-yellow, any combination you can invent. Mozzarella and sharp cheddar, or colby jack and munester. Whatever you have.

Whole green chiles Not nearly as good if you use diced. Please heed this advice. The life of your sammich depends on it.

Tomato Slices We usually leave these out because the sandwich tends to get so messy, but if you have skills, you can pull it off.

Dijon Mustard and Mayonnaise, butter. A skillet pan. An oven range. Heat or fire. Nerves of steel.


Mix equal parts mayo to dijon mustard. Spread a thin layer of this goop on one side of each slice of bread. Lick some off your fingers when no one's looking.

Put a slice or two of one type of cheese on top of this, a slice or two of green chiles on top of that, a slice of tomato on top of that--I think you can see where this is going. Pretty much, go ahead and pile everything that should be on that sandwich on there, butter the outsides of the breads, and cook it in a pan on a stove with pretty low heat. You want it to cook slow and low so the heat can get in and melt all the cheese without burning the bread.

Flip, Cook a little more, cut in half, eat.

It's a sassy little grilled cheese.

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